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What prizes will be awarded?
One winner in each category will win a $5,000 scholarship.

What are the categories of software that are allowed?
The twelve categories are as follows: Android games, iOS games, Windows PC games, non-Windows PC games, Windows phone/tablet games, console games, Android non-games, iOS non-games, Windows PC non-games, non-Windows PC non-games, Windows phone/tablet non-games, and console non-games.

Who can qualify for this scholarship?
Entrants must be a US citizen, US resident alien or a permanent US resident, or attend any accredited public or private, religious or non-religious US college or university in or before December 31, 2018. Non-US residents/citizens may use these scholarship funds for enrollment in a valid college or university if the college or university has its primary office within the United States. Attendance at the physical location of any valid college or university is not required for use of these scholarships. Software and signed agreements must be submitted on or before November 30, 2014 to be considered for the scholarship. Entrants who do not meet these criteria may still receive a publication offer but will not be considered for this scholarship. All documents including electronic forms, must be completed and submitted by a person who is at least 18 years of age. If a person under the age of 18 wants to submit an entry, the person must find any person of at least 18 years of age to submit documents on the minor's behalf. All entrants who are at least 13 years of age must co-sign all documents. We cannot currently accept applications from people who have not yet reached 13 years of age. In the event of a technical difficulty that prevents EDASCAL from receiving an entry in whole or in part, EDASCAL reserves the right to extend entrants' time limit by an amount not to exceed (1) the length of time between the time the technical difficulty started and the time EDASCAL notified the entrant of a reasonable alternative or (2) 24 hours, whichever is greater. No purchase, donation, volunteering or outside promotion of EDASCAL shall be considered during judging. A purchase, donation, volunteering or outside promotion of EDASCAL shall not affect the odds of winning this scholarship.

Do I need to submit letters of recommendation or transcripts?
We do not require letters of recommendation or transcripts. We believe letters of recommendation may discriminate against potential entrants who have developed social anxiety or other conditions, as well as potential entrants who are new to their surroundings. Requiring transcripts would likely discriminate against those who have not attended school for a long time and cannot otherwise afford education. Our goal is to provide equal access to education.

What is the process for distributing my software?
First, we need an application for consideration. When we receive the application, we'll review it to determine if it appears to qualify for this scholarship. We will notify you of whether the application appears to qualify for this scholarship and send a distribution agreement. When the distribution agreement is returned with proper signatures, we will promptly begin distributing the software. When the software has been distributed for 720 hours, we will note the statistical information needed to determine the final score. When we obtain this information, the contest portion of the submission shall be final, allowing the applicant more freedom to distribute updates, advertise, generate feedback, etc.

What types of software will be considered?
In addition to the terms of service for each distribution platform, software must not be significantly counter-social nor significantly controversial. Software must comply with all applicable copyright laws. EDASCAL reserves the right to refuse to consider software that does not meet these qualifications and guidelines.

How will the software be distributed?
Android apps will be distributed in the Amazon App Store, Google Play, and download.com. iOS apps will be published on the Apple App Store and download.com. Windows software will be distributed on the Windows Store and download.com. Mac software will be distributed on the Mac Store and download.com. Console software will be distributed through the respective consoles' stores. Non-Windows PC software will be distributed on download.com. We provide developers the option to have software distributed elsewhere, but distributors not listed here will not count for determining the scholarship winner. All submissions are subject to the terms and conditions of all applicable distributors. Developers are encouraged to read the terms and conditions of potential distributors before submitting software and updates. EDASCAL will not be responsible for submissions that violate distributors' terms and conditions.

Should the software be free or paid? Should it contain in-app purchases? Are ads allowed?
This is your decision. Ads will be allowed if they are not significantly counter-social, if they do not exceed the limits of the maturity rating of the software, and if the presence of ads is clearly noted in the published description. Note that if a minor submits an entry, the minor must designate an adult to receive revenue funds on the minor's behalf.

What criteria will determine the winner of the scholarship?
Software distributed through more than one valid distributor will be combined for the purpose of computing these totals. Software will be divided into each applicable category, regardless of whether an app is similar on two or more platforms. For each category, each app will be scored as follows: [(number of downloads in the first 720 hours following transfer to each applicable market/100) + (number of US Dollars of sales in the first 720 hours following transfer to each applicable market*2)]*(average rating on a 1-5 scale in the first 720 hours following transfer to each applicable market * (number of ratings given / number of downloads in the first 720 hours following transfer to each applicable market *100) * (our judgment of the significance of the software's contribution to humanity) * (highest maturity level possible - software's actual maturity level + 1). If a rating level, as noted above, uses a scale other than 1-5 with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest, relative scores will be adjusted to the equivalent of a 1-5 scale. For example, if a software title is rated 8.9 on a scale with 1 being lowest and 10 being highest, we will convert this rating into 4.45/5. The entrant who submitted the software with the highest score in its category will win the scholarship. A panel of three judges will determine the significance of the software's contribution to humanity, using a scale where 1 is least significant and 10 is most significant. The judges' scores will be averaged to get the score mentioned above.

Example: an Android app receives 61,386 downloads and generated $948 in Google Play, receives 30,858 downloads and $529 in the Amazon App Store, and received 10,583 downloads and $216 on download.com. 519 Google Play users averaged a rating of 4.2/5, 329 Amazon App Store users averaged a rating of 3.9/5, and 115 download.com users averaged a rating of 8.7/10. EDASCAL's judges determine the app to have a significance of 8, and the app has a low maturity rating (on a scale with low, medium or high maturity rating only). This results in a score of approximately 43,600,087.

I need to update my software. How can I do that?
We cannot guarantee a prompt distribution of any submitted updates. For this reason, we cannot fairly distribute software updates within 30 days of submitting a new title. After 30 days has elapsed, please use this form for updating software. We will not accept software updates submitted through the initial submission form. Please note that although we will attempt to promptly distribute updates, we may not be able to distribute the updates immediately. Entrants are encouraged to consider all possibilities prior to a software title's first submission.

May I promote my software?
We do not allow submitters to promote their software until 30 days after a new software title has been distributed through all channels listed for that platform. If you have submitted software more than 30 days ago, you may promote that software any lawful way you wish, subject to the advertisement distributors' terms and conditions. However, if you subsequently submit new software (not an update), you may continue promoting the older software as long as you do not promote, nor disclose, the existence of the new software. EDASCAL will not be responsible for promotions in which EDASCAL is not directly involved, including but not limited to costs and content of advertising.

May I submit software that is significantly similar to software I've already submitted?
You may submit one full version and one trial version of a software program per category, provided the titles of the software are significantly similar. Significantly similar software with a significantly similar title submitted for more than one category will be acceptable. For consideration for this scholarship, we will not accept new software that is significantly similar to your previous software in the same category if the new software title does not have a significantly similar title.

What should be the name of the file I submit?
The file name format should be as follows: title_of_software__operating_system_used__your_software_
. All letters must be lowercase. Spaces must be converted to single underscores. To reduce the likelihood of ambiguating the same software title between different contributors and other marketplace software, entrants are encouraged to create a specialized relevant title, such as "Worldwide Oval Stock Car Championship With Fester Fenderfinder" instead of "Car Race". If more than one file must be submitted for the same software title, please use .zip format to send the file. Please use the noted consecutive underscores in the file name.

Example: A software title is Widget Gravitizers From Io. The software is designed to run on Android operating systems from Android 2.3 to Android 4.2. The current version of the software is 1.5.1898 and can be sent in .apk format. The proper file name would then be widget_gravetizers_from_io__android__1-5-1898.apk.

When will EDASCAL determine whether I qualify?
Fully verifying qualification of applicants too early can create a fast-growing backlog that we cannot accommodate. For this reason, we initially focus on whether an entry appears to be valid. When the scholarship deadline arrives, we will contact the entrants with the three highest scores in each category (as outlined above) and ask for more information to verify their qualification. This information may include plans and history regarding education, social media account viewership (no password requested), verification of date of birth, and information to assist in investigating disallowed advantages. Disqualification from this scholarship is not likely to result in termination of a licensing agreement.

If I submit multiple software programs, can I win multiple awards?
Yes, the entrant who created the highest scoring qualified entry will win the top prize, regardless of the number of software titles that won or the number of categories on which the software was submitted.

How will I receive payment for the sales of the software I've submitted?
On or about the 5th calendar day of each month, we'll view reports of all software in all accounts. We'll distribute these reports to software developers soon thereafter. Once we determine sales and profits for each title, we'll distribute a money order or cashier's check to the software developer's last known address. We will not send payments by PaypalĀ® or direct deposit. To keep costs low, we reserve the right to postpone payments of less than $20.

Why are some of these questions different than when I saw them earlier?
From time to time, unforeseen issues and questions arise that require a prompt response. We note all post-publication editing as a hidden comment in this file, viewable in the page source. These notes include the change that was made, and the date on which the change was made. We will not make significant changes that cannot fairly apply to entrants who have already submitted an entry.

I want to improve my software. Can EDASCAL help?
To ensure fairness to all applicants, EDASCAL will not provide customized feedback during the initial 30-day period. After the 30-day period has finished, we may consider providing feedback for the software. We cannot guarantee having the technical capability to provide this feedback. To further ensure fairness, receiving this feedback shall immediately disqualify all recent and future software submissions of the same category that is similar (significantly or not significantly) to the software about which the feedback was requested.

How are some words or phrases used in these rules defined?

  • "Significantly similar" means that software appears very similar in interface, graphics and/or audio.
  • A "significantly similar" software title is one that a reasonable person may logically infer to be in the same series as other software. For example, "Widget Maker" and "Widget Factory", paired with previews that appear similar, will be determined to be similar. However, "Motorcycle Drag Race" and "Powerboat River Course" will not be determined to be significantly similar if the graphics and audio are significantly different.
  • "Day" means a period of 24 consecutive hours, regardless of the time in which each "day" begins or ends, or the time zone being referenced.
  • "Recent" means occurring less than 720 hours in the past.
  • All references to time are based on the modern Gregorian calendar. When not otherwise specified, times and dates refer to the Pacific time zone of the United States (-0800 GMT) with adjustments for Daylight Savings Time as outlined in United States federal law.

Will EDASCAL hold future scholarship opportunities?
We cannot guarantee whether we will have future scholarships, but we are continuously looking for ways to repeat successful scholarship opportunities.

How are programmers allowed to provide support for their software?
Technical and other support may be offered any way the programmer wishes, including through a dedicated website or any publicly accessible media/fora. However, programmers are not allowed to create undue bias involving software that has been distributed for less than 30 days. Support for software that has been distributed for less than 30 days must not be accessible outside the software or post-distribution notes. All links referring to web pages that specifically pertain to software that has been distributed for less than 30 days must include the rel="nofollow" property in the <a> tag. When software has been distributed through all applicable distributors listed above for at least 30 days, these restrictions no longer apply.

To submit an application to submit new software, please click here. If you've already submitted a software title and want to update that software title, please click here instead.