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Second Annual Academic Publication Program Scholarship Announced

License agreement and scholarship award may pay for school

December 12, 2013 -- The world is changing quickly. As technology changes, consumers' needs change. EDASCAL wants to help meet consumers' needs while helping students enhance their education

Last year, we received generous support from the public. EDASCAL announced the first Academic Publication Program. Unfortunately, various conditions inhibited the response we'd hoped for. This year will be different.

Like last year, we want qualified students to develop high-value, high-quality software, preferably to be made available to the public. We secured funding for a $5,000 award for one winner in each of the following twelve categories: games and non-games in each of six platforms: iOS, Android, Windows PC, non-Windows PC, Windows phone/tablet, and consoles.

We will distribute entrants' works to the public through high-traffic distribution channels. Entrants may receive revenue even if they don't win first prize. Entrants are welcome to submit as many valid apps as desired and are free to spend any generated non-award revenue in any lawful manner.

Entrants must be a US citizen, US resident alien, permanent US resident (including territories and possessions), and/or attend any accredited public or private religious or non-religious US college or university inclusively in or before the 2018 calendar year. Software and signed agreements must be submitted on or before November 30, 2014 to be considered for the scholarship. Entrants who do not meet these criteria may still receive a publication offer but will not be considered for this scholarship.

Rules and frequently asked questions are posted here.


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